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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Top Ten places to visit in the world with your soulmate:-

6. Scotland

Tiree, Balephuil Bay
(Picture sourced from Wikipedia. Author - Irvine Smith)

The land of bagpipes and scotch, Scotland is an ideal place to visit for a couple who prefer castles, lochs (lakes) and rolling hills to beaches and tropical islands. Visiting this part of the world, which with its alluring natural beauty and pieces of history, will give you a fairy tale like experience and while visiting some of its centuries old castles with your soulmate by your side, you will get the feel of being a princess who has just met the prince of her dream or vice-versa.

Stirling Castle
(Picture sourced from Wikipedia. Author - Finlay McWalter  (LtPowers))

Neolithic excavations at Skara Brae at Orkney
(Picture sourced from Wikipedia. Author - John Burka)

Take the time to look around and visit some of the incredible attractions in scotland such as Loch Ness, the awe-inspiring castles, mountains and lochs, Glasgow, Stirling, Inverness, the western and northern isles. With history and scenery being the two most predominant tourist attractions within Scotland itself, you can be sure your holiday won't be dissapointment. The weather of Scotland is more or less cool so be sure to wear proper clothes. Couples enjoy a gentle stroll amongst the majestic mountains or a breezy coastal walk in such a picturesque country.

A mountain Hare in Scotland
(Picture sourced from Wikipedia. Author - Andrew Easton (Nordelch))

An overview of the Scottish capital of Edinburgh
Photograph taken by Christian Bickel (Fingalo)

For its stirring natural beauty and an over-whelming spirit of place which offers oodles of personal space for a couple, Scotland (The land of bagpipes and scotch) is sixth in the list of Top Ten places in the world to relax with your soulmate. 

JW 'Grunt'


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