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Friday, April 16, 2010


Top Ten places in the world to visit with your soulmate:-

8. Mauritius

When reality subsides, the dream begins, of an island, between sky and sea, of a tropical garden arising from the blue, emerald green waters of the lagoon

 The Grand Baie (Bay)
(Picture sourced from Wikipedia. Author - Shoestring)

Hi Readers!!!! Situated below the sky, right in the middle of a warm, blue Indian Ocean; surrounded by colorful coral reefs, white sandy beaches and providing lots of exciting moments to couples; Mauritius is ranked eighth in the list of top ten places in the world to relax with your soulmate….

Ile aux Cerfs, considered to be the best beach in Mauritius
(Picture sourced from Wikipedia. Author - Shoestring)

Also known as the ‘Ultimate Romantic Destination’ by some, Mauritius is no wonder so popular among the lovers. The swaying palms, exquisite surroundings, coral reefs and the blue ocean are some of the many things, which add to the beauty of the place. There are lots to see and do in Mauritius: the coral reefs surrounding the island offer stunning beauty and great underwater adventures to those who want to dive into the precious waters.

 View of Port Louis and harbour looking west from the Citadel
(Picture sourced from Wikipedia. Author - Thierry)

The nature of Mauritius mostly resembles that of Paradise, allowing every couple visiting this island to feel like Adam and Eve. That is an experience no couple would want to miss! Thousands of swaying palms, the overwhelming blue of the ocean, vibrating nights and smiling people makes this island a special one. Those with an interest in scuba diving would have a gala time exploring the reefs around the island hand in hand.
  While taking a hike in the Black River Gorges National Park do not forget to spot the endangered Pink Pigeon amongst other endangered species which are native to Mauritius
(Picture sourced from Wikipedia. Author - Deep Purple)
It is a perfect place to go on a romantic stroll with your partner, watching the sunset, with swaying palms on one side and an ocean with treasures infinite on your other. It's the experience of a lifetime located at the end of the world !!!!

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