Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Meeting Jodi Ettenburg

It was a humid Sunday, the 13th of October, when I met Jodi Ettenburg and her mum. While I was wary as to how the day would be - I am a certified introvert (which often comes across to some people as arrogance) - I was bubbling with elation over the fact that I was going to meet, in the real, a genuine Global Traveler.

Jodi Ettenburg (Left) and her Mum (Centre). We got caught in steady rain while walking in the lanes of Chitli Qabar and took shelter in the shop of this generous person.

Jodi Ettenburg is a Global Traveler who has been around the world multiple times and writes on her blog apart from going round the world as a speaker in conferences.

We (Me, Ace Photographer Subir Dey, Jodi and her Mum) met and, as it had been pre-decided, traveled around Shahjahanabad (Old Delhi). What followed through was one of the most memorable times i had. As it turned out Jodi's mum was a historian and was completely tuned in to what I told her about the history of Old Delhi (The grandeur of Chandni Chowk and its Bazaars, the massacre by the armies of Nadir Shah in 1739, the capture of Delhi by Lord Lake in 1803, the procession of Bahadur Shah Zafar on the Chandni Chowk and his proclamation as the Emperor of India in 1857 and much more) and its rulers.

People brazening out the rain

Conversing with Global Traveler Jodi was a revelation as I asked her about her 'Trans-Siberian Railway experience', 'Her views over Humanity' e.t.c. Due to paucity of time I couldn't know more of her views about our world and its people and heritage. I also realized that no matter from which part of the world a travel blogger hails from, their insecurities remain the same.

But, all in all, it was a delightful experience for Traveler Rohan when he met Global Traveler Jodi and her historian Mum along with Ace Photographer Subir Dey.

 Sky View of the Chandni Chowk (You can figure it out from the row of Traffic Lights, beyond the clock,  extending till the Red Fort)



Good you all could meet: when passion is same the meeting is even more exciting!