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Friday, January 31, 2014

Picture of the Week #68 - Sultan Ghari (1231 AD)

Picture © Rohan A Singh

Friday, January 24, 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Your Wish Is My App - S2 (A Nokia India and Indiblogger Event)

Come January 24th and Indiblogger will be hosting its first event of 2014. The event will be co-hosted with Nokia India and is called 'Your Wish Is My App - Season 2'. It would be hosted in one of the finest hotels in city, The Oberoi.
In this event some of the best bloggers of the country would be coming together and sharing their creative ideas for various mobile apps and the best ideas would be developed by Nokia India. This is a golden oppurtunity for Nokia users to get the app of their wish on their phones.

The 'Your Wish My App' event is the second edition of the very successful Season 1. Adding spice to the event would be hosts Rajiv Makhni, Vishal Gondal and Vikas Khanna.

This is a golden oppurtunity for Indi-Bloggers and users of Nokia Lumia/Asha devices to put forward their wishes about the dream app they would want to see in their phone and one never knows, their wish might come true on the evening of January 24th.

For a traveler like me it is very important to stay in loop with development's in the world of cricket (my favourite sport) and in the world of travel, while being on the move. So I always wish to have an app, on my Nokia Lumia device, which can compile various news articles, from various channels, and present them on a single platform.

One of the other reasons why this event is going to be special is because the Einsteins in Indiblogger have come up with a marvellous idea of running Indi-Buses which would provide a neighbourhood drop facility, something which can come very handy for bloggers who don't have their own vehicles. Great Going Indiblogger !

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Hotel Malji Ka Kamra - Churu

Considered by many as a 'Gateway to the Thar Desert', earthly Churu is a destination which is untouched by the tourist crowds heading towards Rajasthan. From the unspoilt Shekhawati Heritage in the form of its Havelis (Palace) and the Frescoes on their walls to its Johras(artificial water bodies constructed to combat drought) and the sand dunes of the Thar Desert amongst many other things are the USP's of Churu.

So when I got an invitation to participate in a Blogger's Meet in Malji Ka Kamra I considered it a great opportunity to go back to a place which I had visited 15 years back with my father, as a young kid.

Malji Ka Kamra is a carefully restored haveli (Const 1920s), an immaculate blend of Italian architecture and Shekhawati style paintings. It is one of the finest havelis in the Shekhawati Region and is all about stucco art perched over more than a hundred pillars. A walk around this 100 year old property can transport you back into time and give you a beautiful and informative insight into the architectural and cultural heritage of this region.

One of the most important points which has to be considered before setting out to explore earthly Churu, or rather any other destination for that matter, is to find a comfortable place to stay, a place which takes care of your requirements and also gives you a taste of true local hospitality. Malji Ka Kamra is one such heritage hotel which takes care of all the aspects which would help you have a gratifying experience, Shekhawati Style !

 Malji Ka Kamra (Porch)

 Room No 205
The deluxe rooms and suites of Malji Ka Kamra are the epitome of comfort and luxury. The traditional rooms (some still having frescoes in them) which provide you a great experience of living in a Shekhawati Haveli, possess all the comforts of the 21st century you can think of.

 Dining Area

If you are looking to sample some delectable Rajasthani Fare, you don't have to look farther than the 'Spice Court', the in-house restaurant which serves sumptuous local food prepared by trained local chefs. We were served many mouth-watering local delicacies, but it is the taste of their Gatte Ki Sabzi which still remains firmly etched in my taste buds.

Malji Ka Kamra has a host of activities which will keep you occupied throughout your stay in Churu. While I was fortunate enough to indulge in all of them, some of my favourite ones were the Desert Bonfire (We were lucky enough to witness a meteor shower on a starry night in the desert), Evening Tea at Sethani Ka Johra and last but not the least 'Heritage Walks down the memory lanes of Churu and Ramgarh Sethan (a town closeby Churu)'.

Mr Lal Singh Shekhawat (Our Guide)

For every traveller visiting Malji Ka Kamra, the Heritage Walks conducted by Mr Lal Singh Shekhawat are a must. He will enthrall you with tales and anecdotes of Shekhawati while taking you in and around hundreds of havelis and the innumerable frescoes over them. Because people know him, caretakers of many grand haveli's were even willing to let our group go in and observe them from the inside. The by-lanes of Churu are a photographers delight and the photographers in our party were simply not getting enough of Churu captured in their lenses.

Last but not the least, I would like to pleasantly remind my readers that while travelling to off-beat destinations you must be ready for a stare or two, for an odd reaction or two from the locals. It is not because they are not good people or that don't like you, it is more because they are very simple at heart and are not yet used to seeing travelers/tourists coming to their places.

But, these miniscule hiccups are also a part of our off-beat experience aren't they :-) ?

 Malji Ka Kamra


A series of articles over my trip to Earthly Churu's marvellous attractions is 'coming soon'..