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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Top Ten places to visit in the world with your soulmate:-

1. Switzerland

 Lake Geneva, Switzerland
Picure Source - Flickr , Author - Werner Kratz [Bephep2010]

Panorama of Swiss Countryside while the photographer was on the way to Arosa
Picture Source - Flickr , Author - Tambako the Jaguar

While deciding which destination, according to me, would be the best to visit for a honeymoon I went back and asked myself what is the basic purpose of romance ? They are Love and Intimacy [ Physical and Mental]. While honeymooning a couple gets to understand each other, increase comfortability with each other and enjoy each other's company in a place which is beautiful, serene, innocent and has the ability to move you.

Panorama of the Swiss countryside - 2
Picture Source - Flickr , Author - Tambako the Jaguar

Such places are found only in storybooks which is why I recommend Switzerland, The Home of Heidi. Future can only be based upon truth which is why any ideal honeymoon for me is where I can work out my compatibility or get to know the prefrences of my partner and vice-versa in privacy.

 Lush green meadows with cattle grazing over them.. A distant cottage nearby.. A storybook setting !!
Picture Source - Flickr , Author - Oleg Sidorenko [oksidor]

In Switzerland the main places which are recommended for a couple to go amongst the many options are Lake Geneva, St Moritz, Verbier, Mürren, Gstaad, Arosa.. But the main usp of Switzerland is Switzerland itself. Its lush green meadows, the powdery snow, the breathtaking lakes, the hypnotising sceneries, the isolated cottages, the cattle with bells around their necks, the sheperd dogs....... Switzerland has it all !

A view of the Jet d'Eau and city of Geneva from lake Geneva in the evening
Picture Source - Flickr , Author - itupictures

Lake Geneva is all about the Swiss Riviera, a palm-lined shore drive past vineyards, stylish city of Geneva, and the imposing Mont Blanc.

Switzerland is incomplete without its powder snow and skiing !
Picture Source - Flickr , Author -mikhail_k

Verbier is a resort town which is simple and very much French in nature. It lies at the bottom of an enormous alpine valley surrounded by spectacular ski slopes. Verbier also has cable car access to a huge network of ski trails. During summers Vernier becomes a base town for hikers.

While in Switzerland a ride in the Glacier Express is always recommended as it takes you through some of the most breathtaking sceneries in the world.
 Picture Source - Flickr , Author -Kevin Poh [kevinpoh]

The Glacier Express connects the railway stations of the two major mountain resorts of St. Moritz and Zermatt in the Swiss Alps.The trip on the Glacier Express is a 7½ hour railway journey across 291 bridges, through 91 tunnels and across the Oberalp Pass on the highest point at 2,033 m (6,670 ft) in altitude.

Murren is an isolated town which can be reached by cog railway or cable car. Set on a rocky, high-altitude ledge hundreds of feet above the Lauterbrunnen Valley, Mürren has a handful of chalet-style hotels, excellent ski and hiking trails, and sweeping views over the mountains of the Bernese Oberland. It is as picture-perfect a Swiss village as you can find anywhere.

Picture Source - Flickr , Author -Rob West [robwest]

Gstaad is located at the junction of four alpine valleys midway between the Bernese Oberland and the Vaud Alps, Gstaad is a winter capital of the European glitterati. You can't get any more stylish, and the skiing is good, too. Regardless of their price range, all the hotels seem to have cozy bedrooms, blazing fireplaces, and enough schnapps to set the mood.

 Picture Source - Flickr , Author -Kecko

Arosa is one of the highest (1,800m/5,904 ft.) ski resorts in Switzerland, Arosa is less expensive and less forbiddingly elegant than its nearest competitor, St. Moritz. An excellent place for a romantic getaway during summers, where a series of hiking trails lead to lush forests and small lakes. When you tire of these, cable cars can carry you and your companion to alpine heights and sublime vistas.

Panorama of the Swiss Countryside - 3
Picture Source - Flickr , Author -Aileen's Pics

The other places you might want to visit while in Switzerland are Mount Rigi, Rousseau Island [Ile Rousseau], Vals Valley, Verbier, Lausanne, Zermatt.......

In the end beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Every couple has got their own tastes and i am sure some might differ with the positioning of the honeymoon destinations in the ranks. Some couple might have other destinations in mind while some would not want their honeymoon to be destination specific so in the end I leave the final choice of the ideal destination to you. Go where your heart takes you to and have a Happy Comitted Life. Bon Voyage


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