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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tahiti (Society Islands, French Polynesia)

Top Ten places in the world to visit with your soulmate:-
3. Tahiti (French Polynesia)

 A view from the sky of the heavenly Moorea Island (Tahiti)
(Picture sourced from Wikimedia Commons. Author - Remi Jouan)

Part of the Archipelago of Society Islands, Tahiti most likely is not one of the islands you saw on your holiday brochure or were told about by friends or travel operators. But with its uneven Volcanic peaks (which rise above stunning green rainforests) and powder soft (white sand or black sand) beaches (which are lapped by crystal clear lagoons) it is one of the best destinations to visit for honeymooners who seek either enjoyment and fun or some quite and blissful time together. Tahiti has been ranked number one in the world for 'Alone Time' because of miles of quiet pristine beaches and small peaceful villages. Tahiti is my personal choice for going to a honeymoon as well.

 The famous Black Sand beaches of Tahiti
(Picture sourced from Wikipedia. Author - fr:Utilisateur:FRED)

The splendor of Tahiti lies in its natural beauty of waterfall-laden shadowy mountains, genuinely beautiful black-sand beaches and the peace and quiet which it offers for romance. Tahiti even has on offer a great festive atmosphere with a Polynesian flavour at the same time. Arthur Frommers (founder of Frommers travel guides) considered Tahiti to be the most beautiful island in the world.

 Tautira Beach in Tahiti. The legendary Captain James Cook (who discovered Australia and New Zealand) used to weigh anchor in the Tautira Bay here while visiting Tahiti.
(Picture sourced from Wikipedia. Author - Serenade)

 A view from the sky of Tetiaroa atoll. Honeymooners can set foot and enjoy themselves on enchanting islands like these while taking a boat trip around the coastline of Tahiti.

Amongst the many things to do here you can snorkel, scuba dive or admire (from a boat) Moorea Island's dazzling coral reefs, watch whales off Rurutu Island (July to October), go shopping for black pearls for which Tahiti is famous for (but not before getting tips on selecting pearls for size, luster and color at Robert Wan Pearl Museum), cruise around the islands, relax in a Polynesian spa, go hiking, the list goes on....

 The over water cottages of Bora Bora
(Picture sourced from Wikipedia. Author - Tensaibuta)

For party lovers Tahiti is a festive island where you could choose from waterfront rock cafes to spit-and-sawdust bars where locals sip large bottles of Hinano beer. Private clubs groove to Afro Caribbean music. For an even better romantic experience, head towards the west coast for cocktails (or mocktails) under more stars than you would ever see at home.

The No Nonsense Travel Advisor
Name of the Destination
South Pacific Ocean. The closest major countries are New Zealand, Australia and USA (Hawaii).  
French, Tahitian, English
When to go and Weather
Summer is from November to April and this is the best time to go. Weather is tropical
What to see (in Tahiti)
Papeete Market, Mt Marau (for hiking through dense tropical forests), Teahupoo (for the big waves), Black Sand Beaches of Tahiti, traditional Polynesian dance performances, Gauguin Museum, Robert Wan Diamond Museum
Other major places to visit
Moorea , Bora Bora
How to reach
. Cities like Tokyo (Japan), Sydney (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand), Los Angeles (USA) e.t.c. are connected to Tahiti by Air France, Air Tahiti amongst others.
. You would be required to take a connecting flight if you are coming from other cities.
How to travel between islands
. Apart from flights of Air Tahiti there are ferry services connecting the islands to each other. They are the more economical option.
. If you wish to visit Moorea Island from Tahiti you could take the Moorea Ferry which operates from Papeete and takes about 45 minutes to travel to Moorea.
. There are also several ferries that transport people and goods throughout the islands. The main hub for these ferries is the Papeete Wharf.
French Pacific Franc (It is pegged to the Euro). All hotels and financial Institutions offer exchange services.
Practical Information
. Tahiti can be a bit heavy on the pocket so Budget travelers generally make a beeline to Moorea Island which is more economical. Bora Bora Island(although beautiful) is considered to be overpriced.
. Carry Mosquito repellent
. Tahitian people are casual and calm in nature and crime rates are pretty low but the rule of the thumb when travelling abroad is ‘Always use common sense’


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