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Friday, December 28, 2012

Picture of the Week #11 - Sidi Sayyed Mosque, Ahmedabad

Picture © Rohan A Singh

Friday, December 21, 2012

Picture of the Week #10 - Ahmedabad Railway Station (Kalupur)

Picture © Rohan A Singh

Friday, December 14, 2012

Picture of the Week #09 - Red Fort

Picture © Rohan A Singh

Friday, December 7, 2012

Picture of the Week #08 - Qutb Minar

Picture © Rohan A Singh

Friday, November 30, 2012

Picture of the Week #07 - Humayun's Tomb

 Picture © Rohan A Singh

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fundraiser for Haiti by Expedia & Passports with Purpose

In the wintery evening of November 28th, Expedia and Passports with Purpose in association with Kunzum Travel Cafe organised a fundraiser for developing perennial sources of fresh and safe drinking water for the earthquake affected villages of Haiti in Central America.

 Participants at the Fundraiser
The event was started by a short speech by the employees of Expedia who elaborated over their partnership with 'Passports with Purpose', their attempts to improve the lives of the earthquake victims of Haiti. They also presented a video about their activities worldwide. 

 Expedia employees explaining their social activities to the gathering
Kunzum Travel Cafe provided free membership to Club Kunzum for all the folks who attended the event. In the end the participants which included travel writers (like me), photographers, bloggers amongst others interacted with each other including Expedia employees..


Friday, November 23, 2012

Picture of the Week #06 - Golden Temple of Amritsar

Picture © Rohan A Singh

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Interactive Session with Author Ajay Jain

Cover of the Book
Image Courtesy - Ajay Jain

In the cool wintery evening of November 17, an interactive session between readers, writers and Author Ajay Jain was organised at the Bookwise Bookstore, New Delhi. The interaction was based over the recently launched book of Ajay Jain, who is also a Travel Writer, called Don't Feel Stupid at 60.

As the author himself mentioned the book is a compilation of suggestions to make the readers life more fulfilling, enriched and healthy. The book is a kind of a suggestive manual to prompt the reader to think about the choices he or she must make. Some of the suggestions which the Author has given in the book include Stepping out of your Comfort Zones, Going back to School (to learn further), Go on a Trip, Having Coffee Alone (to spend time with yourself), Indulging in a hobby e.t.c. 

The basic idea behind these suggestions is to ensure that you give time to your passions, do your bit for the society, e.t.c. so that when you get old (60 years of age) you do not look back with regrets thinking that you were not able to live the life you wanted to live.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Picture of the Week #05 - Laxminarayan Temple

Picture © Rohan A Singh

Friday, November 9, 2012

Picture of the Week #04 - India Gate

Picture © Rohan A Singh

Friday, November 2, 2012

Picture of the Week #03 - Howrah Bridge

(Picture © Rohan A Singh)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Picture of the Week #02 - Pamban Bridge

  Picture taken from the Pamban Road Bridge (Picture © Rohan A Singh)

Windows 8 Launch Event (New Delhi)

Yesterday, October 25th, Microsoft invited your author to the launch party of Window 8. It was a gala event where Microsoft left no stone unturned to make it look spectacular.. From hosting the launch party at the city's no 1 hotel to inviting famous TV personalities to explain the salient features of Windows to serving a lavish buffet to lovely dance performances by beautiful artists.. Everything was done in style.

So what makes Windows  so special ? I discussed this question with MS employees, the other consumers who reviewed the product and also checked it out myself to know the answer. The answer was that it is definitely more futuristic as compared to its predecessors.

'Start Screen' of Windows 8

The new features in this operating system were a new user interface which includes the 'Start Screen' with a grid of dynamically updating tiles to represent applications, a new app platform with an emphasis on touchscreen input, a new Windows Store to obtain and purchase applications for the system, and the ability to synchronize programs and settings between multiple devices.

From a traveler's point of view Windows 8 with its new interface can really help in researching about destinations, book tickets and rooms, access maps much quickly than before thus saving you much time. And being a more mobile friendly version it only adds to our advantage.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chittaranjan Park (Bengali Quarters of Delhi) during Durga Puja

 Last evening I was at Chittaranjan Park (the Bengali Quarters of New Delhi) to witness the Durga Puja (Festival of the Goddess Durga). This festival is celebrated to mark the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil demon Mahisasura. So this festival is celebrated to mark the victory of 'Good over Evil'.

During Durga Puja Chittaranjan Park is in an almost carnival type atmosphere. I visited the Puja Pandal (A temporary structure built to venerate the Goddess) of the Co-operative Park, one of the major spot of celebrations in New Delhi. The streets leading up to the pandal were lighted up with bulbs of different hues.

 The idol of Goddess Durga in the Puja Pandal of Cooperative Park

The worshippers (in huge numbers) were dressed in traditional Bengali attire (Men in either Dhoti/Panjabi or Kurta/Pyjama made of either silk or cotton) (Women in either cotton Jamdani or Baluchari sarees or in silk sarees with the latest designs weaved by tantis (traditional bengali weavers) ! Married ladies also had bangles on their wrists and copius amounts of Sindoor, an orange red powder, on the middle of their head). And yes who could forget the large red bindis on their forehead's !!

The Pandal

Worshipers in front of their deity

Interior decorations of the Pandal

Dhak (Dhols or Drums native to Bengal)

The main pandal in the park which housed the idol of the deity was over 40 feet tall, illuminated in blue lights and was looking heavenly. The interiors of the pandal was also decorated in traditional style. By the time I reached the veneration had just ended and the atmosphere was throbbing with festive intensity. Unfortunately so I missed out on the mantras which are an integral part of Durga Puja.. accompanied by the rhythmic beatings of the dhak (traditional drums), smell of the incense sticks, 'dhoono' and flowers.

After the veneration is over people move on to the other half of the Durga Puja festivities which involves feasting. Their were numerous stalls serving spicy street food native to Bengal in the pandal and people were lining up to savour them. I decided to walk down the street from the pandal and indulge in the Bengali Market of Chittaranjan Park which serve great Bengali Fare.

Food Stalls in the Puja Pandal

This place will be jam packed from today (Shashti-October 20th 2012) till (Vijay Dashmi-October 24th 2012), the final day of puja. 

Five minutes of walking and I was looking around the market for the various stall owners serving Lip Smacking delicacies. Here, I must tell you that Bengali Market is a typical one you would find in Bengal in the sense that the shops sell food items, groceries, raw fish e.t.c. which are usually found in Bengal. The stall owners come and sit only in the evening and it is that period of the day when you should be visiting this market (any time of the year) if you wish to taste delicious Bengali street food.

Shop in Bengali Market selling Tikkas and Kathi Rolls

Phuchka (Gol Gappa) Seller

Preparing Chur Mur

Some of the street food which was on offer was Phuchka (Gol Gappa's), Chur Mur (A sweet and sour preparation of crushed Gol Gappas, boiled and diced potatoes, chopped onions, cilantro and various spices e.t.c.), Ghugnee (dried yellow or white peas cooked with gravy Bengali style, served with bhujiya as topping), Mughlai Paratha ( a delicious deep fried stuffed bread), Chops, Cutlets e.t.c.

Chicken Mughlai Parotha  being shallow fried on the girdle

An assortment of Bengali Sweets on display. Observe the earthen pots at the bottom of the display. It is known as Mishti Doi (Sweet Curd), a heavenly preparation and also my favourite :)

And yes a food binge in the Bengali Market is always incomplete if you don't sample the Bengali sweets like Mishti Doi, Labanga Latika, Komola Bhog, Rossogolla e.t.c. which are uniquely different from what you will find in the rest of India.


Facts you might want to know -
- Durga pujais an annual Hindu festival in South Asia that celebrates worship of the Hindu goddess Durga. It refers to all the six days observed as Mahalaya, Shashthi, Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Navami and Vijayadashami. The dates of Durga Puja celebrations are set according to the traditional Hindu calendar.
- It is celebrated across the predominantly in the eastern Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, the rest of india, Nepal, Bangladesh e.t.c.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Picture of the Week #01 - Taj Mahal

Picture © Rohan A Singh

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Interactive Session with Travel Writer Monisha Rajesh

The invitation poster for the event. (Clockwise from Left - Book Cover for the India Edition, Author of the book, Description of the book.)
Image Courtesy - Roli Books (Nandini Vaish)

In the pleasant evening of October 5 an interactive session, with London based Travel Writer Monisha Rajesh, was organised at Kunzum Travel Cafe. She is an experienced writer who has just come out with a new book called Around India in 80 Trains. She has also written for the London Evening Standard, The Guardian, TIME magazine and The New York Times. The event was hosted by another well known Travel Writer Ajay Jain.

In the interactive session Traveler Monisha discussed frankly, her experiences of traveling across India in the vast network of the Indian Railways. She also read out excerpts from her newly launched book Around India in 80 Trains (published in India by Roli Books). She revealed that in the process of traveling in the 80 trains she experienced the best quality of India amongst others i.e. the helpful demeanour of Indians.

From helping her to board an already moving train in Gujarat (West India) to offering to make reservations for her (in advance) in Ledo, Assam (East India) the common Indian was very helpful. In some cases the common Indian was over helpful as well and traveler Monisha often ended up choosing from between four to six answers for one question asked! We also learnt the minor fact that by the time of completion of her journey she covered a mind-boggling 40,000 kilometers (24,855 miles)!

Apart from talking about her new book, Traveler Monisha discussed the finer points of Travel Writing and also gave really useful tips to budding writers on how to further their careers in Travel Writing. 

To conclude it all, it was a really great evening for the Travel Writers as they got quite a few tips over the subject. I must also add that my after-session discussions with Traveler Monisha, Traveler Ajay Jain and Ms Krinna Shah (a renowned social activist) were equally enriching.


(In the world of Path Rarely Taken all the Travelers are equal by the virtue of their love of the planet and travel.) (Pictures of the session will be posted soon!)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Qualcomm Snapdragon Photo Tips Session and Photo Walk

Participants (at the base of the monument) photographing the Shish Gumbad

Last weekend (Sept 29 and 30), a two day event was organised by Qualcomm Snapdragon and Kunzum Travel Cafe in which ace photographers, professional bloggers and travelers were invited for a special weekend to discuss photography and also have a photo walk in the Lodi Gardens, New Delhi the next day. 

The group of participants (which included accomplished photographers, editors, tech geeks and professional bloggers) at the Kunzum Travel Cafe on Saturday 29th
Picture Courtesy - Subir Dey

The event commenced on Saturday 29th at the Kunzum Travel Cafe with the participants (which included accomplished photographers, editors, tech geeks and professional bloggers) and Team Qualcomm discussing things of common interest which was photography and the finer nuances of cameras associated with it. Team Qualcomm talked about the creative features of Snapdragon powered mobile phones, its cameras, and how better it was compared to its contemporaries. one of which was the ability of the phone to take excellent 360° panoramic photos.

Participants photographing a flock of Geese near the Athpula, Lodi Garden

On Sunday the 30th a Photo Walk was done in the picturesque Lodi Gardens where the participants carried their cameras, and some smartphones powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors to shoot. Various tips of photography were exchanged and the participants spent the pleasant evening shooting the landscapes of the Lodi Gardens and its monuments.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Getting Around in New Delhi (Locally) (Revised Jan 2015)

 The Colors of New Delhi 
(Clockwise from Above - Qutb Minar, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Inside view of an Auto Rickshaw, Old Fort, Lotus Temple, Delhi Metro, India Gate, Delhi HOHO Bus, Ice Candy Stall)
(Delhi Metro Pic Author free spirit 1)

New Delhi is a pretty large metropolitan city. Spread over an area of 1484 square kilometers (573 square miles) this city has been inhabited since 2nd century B.C. It has seen the rise and fall of many empires, dynasties, emperors and so on. It has seen many events which are remembered fondly by people even now and many events which still manage to horrify the people. It has been witness to glorification, damnation, massacres, historical proclamations and many other things. All these events, which are a part of history now, have left their deep imprint on the landscape of Delhi which exist in the form of various landmarks spread across the city.

Map of Delhi
(Author - Sarai & Viyyer Source - Wikipedia)

New Delhi has numerous places of significant interest and it takes an average traveler or a tourist atleast 3 days to tour the entire city 'properly'. These travel tips are here to help you (the budget traveler / someone who wishes to see the city at his/her own pace) out with the information to get around this large metropolitan city in an efficient and hassle free manner.

Now, there are various ways to get around this city. First of all there are the mass transport networks like the Delhi Metro Rail or City Buses and then there are the cabs, auto rickshaws (three wheeler scooter) e.t.c. Find out which mode of transport would suit you best in Delhi and learn more about it-

Modes of Travel in New Delhi -

Delhi Metro Rail Network 

A train on the Delhi Metro Rail Network

The best mode of traveling in the most economical yet efficient manner is through the Delhi Metro Rail Service. Their facilities are modern, they have a station close to most of the destinations (although some landmarks like Qutb Minar, Red Fort, Humayuns Tomb are at a fair distance from the Metro stations). But that said, traveling in Delhi Metro is safe, quick, convenient (as it takes you fairly close to your destinations) air conditioned and very importantly the staff is educated. You have an option of buying the '1 Day or the 3 Day Tourist Smart Card' costing Rs 100 and Rs 250 respectively (from the Customer Care Counter) as you can avail of discounted ticket prices in this ticket combo. Click on the link to checkout the routes and stations - Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

HOHO (Hop On Hop Off) Bus Service

A Hop On Hop Off Tourist Bus

Sightseeing tours are popular in cities all over the world. Organized tours are expensive, rigid and need definite planning in advance. The Hop-On/Hop-Off Bus service provides sightseeing options to tourists who are willing to explore Delhi with a more flexible schedule. These tours are conducted in specially designed buses which move continuously along a route, allowing tourists to board or alight at any of the pick up/drop off points. The route of these buses covers monuments, museums, galleries, gardens, shopping malls, hotels and bazaars. All in all, the service is designed to provide a complete experience of the city to a tourist. The following are the salient features of the Hop On/Hop Off bus service-
.Air-conditioned environment friendly luxury buses
.Frequency- every 30 minutes
.Flexibility - tourists can hop on and hop off at any pick up/drop off point
.Entertaining and knowledgeable tour guides
.Route covers all major tourist destinations in Delhi
.Audio guides
.Online booking Facility
.Onboard ticketing facility
.Covers more than 18 tourist locations
.Monument entry tickets are available to save time

Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) City Bus

An Air Conditioned City Bus
One of the cheapest modes of transport in Delhi consists of the environment friendly CNG buses. The ticket prices vary from Rs 10, 15, 20, 25. You can get a daily bus pass (Rs 50/-) made and travel as per your convenience in all the AC (Maroon) and Non-AC (Green) buses (but not the Orange coloured buses).

Auto Rickshaws

Autos are a great way of seeing this city. They are less expensive than taxis and unlike buses and the Metro, they take you to the doorstep of your destination. But, despite being more economical than taxis.. Auto Rickshaws have got their own set of problems. There is always a good chance of auto drivers fleecing you. They fleece everyone so it is nothing new. Here is how Delhi-ites tackle them -

My travel tip to the tourist is this.. Always insist to be charged by the meter before sitting in the auto. If the auto driver says the meter is not working or something else.. Move On.. You can get another auto easily..
The other option you have is to bargain with him (if he refuses to go by the meter or quotes a price). For your benefit I have depicted the latest auto fare chart below which can give you a fair idea of what the price would be per distance for your trip. You can bargain accordingly then. I dare say it is the second option which you will be exercising the most during your stay in Delhi.
You can take a printout and keep it with yourself while traveling, refer to a map to know the distance and find fare on the chart.
Auto rides are enjoyable and I have come across many auto drivers who are ready for chit chat so enjoy your ride.

New Delhi Auto Fare Chart (Km - Rs)
2.0 - 25.0
3.8 - 39.4
5.6 - 53.8
7.4 - 68.2
9.2 - 82.6
11.0 - 97.0
12.8 – 111.4
2.1 - 25.8
3.9 - 40.2
5.7 - 54.6
7.5 - 69.0
9.3 - 83.4
11.1 - 97.8
12.9 – 112.2
2.2 - 26.6
4.0 - 41.0
5.8 - 55.4
7.6 - 69.8
9.4 - 84.2
11.2 - 98.6
13.0 – 113.0
2.3 - 27.4
4.1 - 41.8
5.9 - 56.2
7.7 - 70.6
9.5 - 85.0
11.3 - 99.4
13.1 – 113.8
2.4 - 28.2
4.2 - 42.6
6.0 - 57.0
7.8 - 71.4
9.6 - 85.8
11.4 - 100.2
13.2 – 114.6
2.5 - 29.0
4.3 - 43.4
6.1 - 57.8
7.9 - 72.2
9.7 - 86.6
11.5 - 101.0
13.3 – 115.4
2.6 - 29.8
4.4 - 44.2
6.2 - 58.6
8.0 - 73.0
9.8 - 87.4
11.6 - 101.8
13.4 – 116.2
2.7 - 30.6
4.5 - 45.0
6.3 - 59.4
8.1 - 73.8
9.9 - 88.2
11.7 - 102.6
13.5 – 117.0
2.8 - 31.4
4.6 - 45.8
6.4 - 60.2
8.2 - 74.6
10.0 - 89.0
11.8 - 103.4
13.6 – 117.8
2.9 - 32.2
4.7 - 46.6
6.5 - 61.0
8.3 - 75.4
10.1 - 89.8
11.9 - 104.2
13.7 – 118.6
3.0 - 33.0
4.8 - 47.4
6.6 - 61.8
8.4 - 76.2
10.2 - 90.6
12.0 - 105.0
13.8 – 119.4
3.1 - 33.8
4.9 - 48.2
6.7 - 62.6
8.5 - 77.0
10.3 - 91.4
12.1 - 105.8
14.0 – 121.0
3.2 - 34.6
5.0 - 49.0
6.8 - 63.4
8.6 - 77.8
10.4 - 92.2
12.2 - 106.6
15.0 – 129.0
3.3 - 35.4
5.1 - 49.8
6.9 - 64.2
8.7 - 78.6
10.5 - 93.0
12.3 - 107.4
16.0 – 137.0
3.4 - 36.2
5.2 - 50.6
7.0 - 65.0
8.8 - 79.4
10.6 - 93.8
12.4 - 108.2
17.0 – 145.0
3.5 - 37.0
5.3 - 51.4
7.1 - 65.8
8.9 - 80.2
10.7 - 94.6
12.5 - 109.0
18.0 – 153.0
3.6 - 37.8
5.4 - 52.2
7.2 - 66.6
9.0 - 81.0
10.8 - 95.4
12.6 - 109.8
19.0 – 161.0
3.7 – 38.6
5.5 – 53.0
7.3 – 67.4
9.1 – 81.8
10.9 – 96.2
12.7 – 110.6
20.0 – 169.0
Latest fares issued on May 8th 2013  
© travelerrohan.blogspot.in

Night Charges - 25% of the fare (11:00 PM to 5:00 AM)
Waiting Charges - Rs 30/- per hour or part thereof (Subject to a minimum of 15 minutes stay)
Luggage - Rs. 7.50/- shall be charged as extra luggage charges whereas the driver/ operator shall not charge and money for a shopping bag or a small suitcase
Traffic Helpline Number - 42400400 (Call, if you need help or if you are being overcharged)

Taxis (Black and Yellow Roofed)

To hail a taxicab, you normally just wait on the street or go to locations called taxi stands. Taxicabs are referred to as taxis in Delhi and the word cab is rarely used. As per my experiences taxi drivers rarely go by the meter. They can charge you up to Ten Times the amount which is charged by the meter.  Traffic Helpline Number for Taxi's is 42400400 (Call, if you need help or if you are being overcharged).

Delhi (Black and Yellow) Taxi Fare Chart (Km - Rs)
Non Air Conditioned

Air Conditioned
1.0 - 25.0
Night Charges - 25% of the fare (11:00 PM to 5:00 AM)
Waiting Charges - Rs 30/- per hour or part thereof (Subject to a minimum of 15 minutes stay)
Luggage - Rs. 10/- shall be charged as extra luggage charges whereas the driver/ operator shall not charge and money for a shopping bag or a small suitcase                      
1.0 - 25.0
Night Charges - 25% of the fare (11:00 PM to 5:00 AM)
Waiting Charges - Rs 30/- per hour or part thereof (Subject to a minimum of 15 minutes stay)
Luggage - Rs. 10/- shall be charged as extra luggage charges whereas the driver/ operator shall not charge and money for a shopping bag or a small suitcase 
2.0 -  39.0
2.0 -  41.0
3.0 – 53.0
3.0 – 57.0
4.0 – 67.0
4.0 – 73.0
5.0 -  81.0
5.0 -  89.0
6.0 -  95.0
6.0 -  105.0
7.0 – 109.0
7.0 – 121.0
8.0 – 123.0
8.0 – 137.0
9.0 – 137.0
9.0 – 153.0
10.0 – 151.0
10.0 – 169.0
11.0 – 165.0
11.0 – 185.0
12.0 – 179.0
12.0 – 201.0
13.0 – 193.0
13.0 – 217.0
14.0 - 207.0
16.0 – 235.0
17.0 – 249.0
14.0 - 233.0
16.0 – 265.0
17.0 – 281.0
15.0 – 221.0
18.0 – 263.0
19.0 – 277.0
15.0 – 249.0
18.0 – 297.0
19.0 – 313.0
Latest fares issued on May 8th 2013
© travelerrohan.blogspot.in
Radio Taxis

For a budget traveler/tourist radio taxis can be a pricey but safe option. It becomes a must use post 9 pm or while coming out of airport (especially if you are jet lagged) (Beware of Touts outside the Delhi Airport as they charge exorbitant amounts of money for a taxi trip to the city from the unsuspecting traveler). Radio Taxis are the safest and relatively economical options if you are new to the city.

Radio Taxis are available for local commuting as well as long distance purposes. Hiring a cab in Delhi allow you to get the cab number and driver's mobile number as well.

The radio taxis are fitted with GPRS technology, digital fare meters and thermal printers for issuing bill/receipt etc. The billing is done on a per kilometer basis from point to point. Radio cabs are available 24x7 in Delhi, So there are no problems of timing and safety.

A few leading radio taxi operators' numbers:

Delhi Cab: 91-11-44333222
Easy Cab: 91-11-43434343
Quick Cabs: 91-11-45333333
Meru Cabs: 91-11-44224422
Mega cab: 91-11-41414141

Car Rentals

DTTDC has a full fledged Transport Department with Travel Transport Counters and Tourists information offices at various disembarkation points in Delhi (viz Airport, Railway Stations, City Centre Connaught Place) with a variety of tourists vehicles and coaches.

The Transport Division also handles transport and travel related services for national and international events. The Transport Division has significant experience in making excellent transport arrangements for various national and international events.

Transport Division
INA, Near Dilli Haat
Aurobindo Marg,
New Delhi
Tel : 91-11-24674153, 26884312

Apart from DTTDC car rental companies like Avis, Hertz and Thrifty are present in New Delhi, at the airport and elsewhere.


Some Important Helplines for a tourist while in New Delhi are listed below - 

Tourist City Information Service - 1280
ITDC - 91-11-23719039
Police - 100 / 1090
Fire - 101
Ambulance - 102  
Accident & Trauma Service - 1099
Child Helpline - 1098  
Women's Helpline - 1091 
Delhi Metro Helpline - 011 -128128 (for mobiles)

 The Delhi Police has issued some guidelines for tourists visiting. They basically mean 'use common sense all the time' but if you have some time you could go through it once. Click Here.

* If you require any further information about traveling to New Delhi, do Tweet me.. contact me on our FB page or mail me. I'll be glad to answer your queries !

Author's Note - Please remember that this article is a list of Do's and Dont's. New Delhi is overall a safe place. So enjoy the city and its numerous treasures in a delightful, safe and smooth atmosphere and take back home some unforgettable memories.