Sunday, November 18, 2012

Interactive Session with Author Ajay Jain

Cover of the Book
Image Courtesy - Ajay Jain

In the cool wintery evening of November 17, an interactive session between readers, writers and Author Ajay Jain was organised at the Bookwise Bookstore, New Delhi. The interaction was based over the recently launched book of Ajay Jain, who is also a Travel Writer, called Don't Feel Stupid at 60.

As the author himself mentioned the book is a compilation of suggestions to make the readers life more fulfilling, enriched and healthy. The book is a kind of a suggestive manual to prompt the reader to think about the choices he or she must make. Some of the suggestions which the Author has given in the book include Stepping out of your Comfort Zones, Going back to School (to learn further), Go on a Trip, Having Coffee Alone (to spend time with yourself), Indulging in a hobby e.t.c. 

The basic idea behind these suggestions is to ensure that you give time to your passions, do your bit for the society, e.t.c. so that when you get old (60 years of age) you do not look back with regrets thinking that you were not able to live the life you wanted to live.