Saturday, July 20, 2013

Glimpses of a Monsoon Downpour in New Delhi

This post has got to one of the uniquest post i have ever done because I had to travel only a few yards to feel the full power of a Monsoon downpour.. Monsoons are seasonal rains which strike the subcontinent between the months of June-September.. They help sustaining life in the subcontinent by irrigating agricultural lands and filling up the reservoirs (for drinking water).. But when this life sustaining downpour actually comes down.. Everything comes to a stand still !!

Monsoon at its best in New Delhi.. It rained 123 mm in 6 hours this day..

As per the MET department this was the heaviest rainfall in New Delhi in the last 10 years receiving 123mm of rain in 6 hours.. So, when the heavens open up in a city which is usually known for it's dry weather all living beings (unused to the downpour) take cover or stand helplessly in it.. Getting drenched..

This post sheds light over animals and how they cope up with rains when the heavens open up-

This herd of cows did not have any place to seek cover so they stood still, like statues, getting drenched in the rain..

This cow got lucky as it found some shelter under an un-occupied house..

Another cow, standing a bit away from its herd, getting drenched

I was unable to take pics of street dogs who were crouched under cars and the earthworms who were walking on the pavements due to the rains.. I was also shocked to observe the final journey of a departed soul which passed.. as the rain was happening..

FACT:- This was the heaviest rainfall in New Delhi in 10 years..