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Top Ten places in the world to visit with your soulmate:-

7. France

Couples wreck the world atlas in search of a destination which would suit all their preferences but rarely come to a conclusion upon which place to go to. But, France is a place which would land in almost every couple’s shortlist, the reason being the presence of sea beaches, lofty mountains, an ideal climate for romance, world famous wine and food, and a renowned reputation for tourist satisfaction.

Limestone cliffs of Normandy near √Čtretat
(Picture sourced from Wikipedia. Author - Urban)

Vineyards in Cote de Nuits in Burgundy
(Picture sourced from Wikipedia. Author - Stefan Bauer)

Hi travelers!!!! A country which lends its name to the most popular way of kissing is one of the best places to visit for a couple. Depending upon the duration of your stay you can visit romantic Paris, picturesque Cannes, or depending upon your mood simply rent out a personal chalet in Chamonix Mont Blanc (Haute-Savoie) offering a panoramic view of the Mont Blanc

Mediterranean vegetation (Lavender) in Provence.
(Picture sourced from Wikipedia. Author - Andyblind)

Places to visit for a couple would also include Dijon (famous for its wine based spicy mustard), Colmar (in Alsace) & The Loire Valley which offer splendid wine and food apart from offering a beautiful view of the countryside. For art lovers the Louvre museum in Paris, the chateaux de versaille (a short train ride away from Paris) is some of the many options.

The beautiful Eiffel Tower at Sunrise
(Picture sourced from Wikipedia. Author - Tristan Nitot)

A couple’s delight is how France can be summed up due to which it is the seventh in the list of Top Ten places in the world to relax with your soulmate.

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