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The Netherlands (Holland)

Yo Readers !!!! Hope you are enjoying reading my articles regarding love nests around the world. The below mentioned place is one such place. The reason I included it in the top ten list is because of the romantic, picturesque countryside and the open minded society it has. Times spend in this country with your partner would be full of simplicity, warmth and without inhibitions.
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Top Ten places in the world to visit with your soulmate:-

9. Holland (The Netherlands)

Picture source - Flickr , Author -  erikwestrum

Baby Beach, Aruba (Netherlands Antilles)
Picture taken by Gobbler and Sourced from Wiki Commons

Imagine this.. You and your soulmate walking hand in hand amongst a sea of tulips as if in a movie, imagine you and your soulmate cycling past large wind mills, the cool wind embracing you both as you pass by, imagine yourself and your lover lounging in a café over velvety hot Dutch chocolate in the shadowy rear of the café, being oblivious to the world and vice-versa. Yes, these are the moments which a couple craves for.. The simplicity of which engulfs lovers in an air of romance.

Kinderdijk (Windmills) 
(Picture sourced from Wikipedia. Author - Lucas Hirschegger)

Picture source - Flickr , Author -Fang Guo [faungg]

Madurodam (Miniature Cities), The Hague
Picture source - Flickr , Author -Fang Guo [faungg]

These moments and many will find you when you are in Holland, Land of the Oranje people. A perfect blend of nature with art and art with modernity summarizes this country. From the gentle, cozy inns and the beaches of Zeeland, to the castles and rolling hills of Limburg; from the tulips, windmills and harbor villages of Northern Holland, to the boat ride on the canals of Amsterdam and sipping dutch chocolate watching the world pass by, this place is a couple’s paradise.

Tulip Fields
Picture source  - Flickr , Author -Paul Arps [paularps]

Zaanse Schans Windmills in Zaanstad
Picture sourced from Wiki Commons

Tulips  - 2
Picture source - Flickr , Author -erikwestrum

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