Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sikkim Sojourn Part 6 - Seven Sisters Falls

On the road to GuruDongmar Lake via Lachen I came across this extremely captivating waterfall named the Seven Sisters Falls. One of the most prominent features is the intensity of this water fall and the dull roar caused by the water crashing on the rocks. This falls are named so because it is said to fall in Seven stages.. The point from where we saw the falls we could see only three of them.. Our loss.. Here are some snapshots :-

Falls View(Notice the prayer flags). You could not help but become wet as the spray of water was intense especially at the bridge.

Observe the spot where the water falls touch the rocks with a roar. (Notice the water drops on the lens)

The course of the water after it touches the ground

Wooden bridges(One-Lane) with metallic pillars were a common sight throughout North Sikkim. The rumble of the wooden planks under the tyres are worth listening to. Initially I was a bit apprehensive about the strength of these bridges but during the course of my trip I realized that they are pretty firm.

One way metallic bridge with wooden planks across it. The name of this bridge is B-5.

Wooden Planks for road. These planks really rumble when tyres run over them

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Wow,these pictures are so stunning,such a mesmerizing sight!
Originally,I thought Seven Sisters Falls must be seven different falls,hehe.I have always loved all your posts,but this is one of the best ones!:-)
P.S. Thank you for sharing!

Such a wonder sets of pictures..... Sikkim is so stunning..... Gone there several times and always enjoyed its scenic beauty.......