Monday, August 19, 2013

World Photography Day Special !

It's been more than three years since I took up Travel Writing as a profession. My style of writing encapsulates a lot of pictures in it, that's also partially because I have a photographic memory. So on World Photography Day here is a compilation of some of my best and most popular pics - 

Being a World Traveler for me means that I have to be neutral and respect all destinations and cultures. But this lake (Guru Dongmar Lake) in the Himalayas can simply take my breathe away. This is one destination I can safely say that I am in Love with. And oh yes, it was by the banks of this lake that I had my Twilight moment, when I realised that I was a Traveler by heart, and took up Travel Writing as a profession.

These three species if seen in a usual setting would be fighting each other for territorial superiority, but such is the sense of peace at the Rumtek Monastery (one of the oldest in Asia) that it has embraced these beings as well

A zoomed in pic of the recently restored ceiling of Humayun's Tomb.. The design shows how much perfectionists the architects and designers of those times were.. in trying to create the perfect memorial for their departed king.. 

The founder of the Tughluq Dynasty, Ghiyath ud din Tughluq's Tomb (const. 1325 A.D.) is one of my most favourite mausoleum's in Delhi. I prefer it over the Humayun's Tomb (which is a World Heritage Site and also a crowded Tourist Trap). It is located in a secluded and therefore peaceful location and ironically is known as the Dar'ul Aman (The Abode of Peace)

 Tughluqabad and Adilabad Forts (Const. 14th Century) along with Dar'ul Aman are my favourite spots in Delhi (and not the beautiful Qutb Minar, Humayun's Tomb  and Red Fort). Reason being that these places are often secluded, allowing you to wander from the ancient pathways in peace. These places are not tourist traps. The only hitch about coming here is that the seclusion of this destination makes it a harbour for muggers. In this pic i have clicked the part of Tughluqabad which i haven't been to visit because I was warned (by the guards) to stay away due to the anti social elements

When the monsoon (alongwith its clouds) goes away, for a very brief period of time we can get a look of the clear blue sky in smoggy Delhi (a rare phenomenon). I clicked the recently restored Sunder Nursery (Const. 16th Cent.) against this backdrop

This pic of the little girl, who is the resident of the last Indian village (Thangu) before the Indo-China border in Sikkim starts is one of my favourite. It forms an integral part of my Slide Show as you might have noticed.

The South Block (part of the Secretariat Building Const. in the 1910s) is the nerve center of the administrative  functioning of India. Many ministers along with their official departments sit here. I was trying to photograph this building which is a symbol of power against the blue sky when a car passed and this was the result. I clicked this picked from the camera of Mr Subir (whom i refer to as Dada)

 This priest gave me my first lesson over photography techniques and etiquette's by yelling over me in a crowded bazaar because I snapped a pic of his !

It has been one of my dreams to capture the incredible and fragile Shore Temple (Const 700-725 A.D.) in my camera and when I did, I felt one of the luckiest persons in the world.

This self pic of mine with the Guru Dongmar Lake (one of the highest in the world) in the backdrop, in a way, defines me and my style of travel i.e. visiting places which are less frequented by travelers.. Taking the Path Rarely Taken..



Wonderful photos you have there. I envy your job :)

Such a beautiful picture of the South Block.

Lovely compilation of pics, i like that of the little child.