Knowing Traveler Rohan

Hi Reader, I am Traveler Rohan the author of this blog. I have been Blogging (in the Travel and History genre) since 2010. I have traveled, and continue to do so, across India and to South East Asia (Thailand, to be precise). Apart from this blog, my work and pictures have been published in various online and print magazines. Path Rarely Taken - The Travel Blog is in its sixth year and has around 300 posts.

Historically and Geographically inclined since I was eight, my writings reflect my love for Travel, History and Cultures. When one loves something in particular he would like to explore, in detail, about that topic. Similarly, my writings either detail my travel experiences to a particular destination, which I put down in the form of Travelogues, or sheds light over the history and culture of a particular monument or destination.

When not blogging I pursue my love for History. I am studying Masters in Medieval Indian History from a reputed university in New Delhi.

To conclude, Path Rarely Taken - The Travel Blog reflects the reminiscences of a 'Traveler-Historian' whose wish is to visit, experience and understand the various cultures and civilizations of the world; a 'Traveler-Historian' whose wish is to understand the history and heritage of Medieval India. Traveler Rohan is someone who steps out to travel with no pre-conceived notions and a who is neutral to all issues. 



Good blog, keep it up. I'm researching Purana Qila for my own blog after visiting this year and found your post useful.