Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thoughts about a Trip

Hello Everyone ! Been a long time since i posted anything.. But that was because i never travelled anywhere and i could not see the point in copying and pasting stuff from other sites. So now i come back to blog because i have started to plan about a trip to somewhere where i could be far from the 'maddening crowds' and unwind.
I am most likely to take that trip in the month of June. Although on a personal note i do not like to reveal my plans in advance but let me face it.. I dont have a group of followers so i can be frank on what i post and not care about what people think..
So starting from now i would start sharing my experiences while planning for this trip of mine, tell you about how it proceeds  and what was the aftertaste after going to those places.
So, to start with a bit of honesty I have not had a vacation in the last 5 years 6 months and 20 days (being precise). So when this idea  was mooted by 'Ms. Bonnie' it got me thinking. Where could i go to, which place in india has got that capability to quench a travellers five and a half year old thirst.
Goa ? Might be.. Beaches, Churches, Green Hills, Great atmosphere.. Great i said to myself !! This is it.. This is the place.. But one look at the weather channel site poured cold water on the idea as in the month of June it would be having its yearly tryst with the monsoons. Goa out....
Shimla ? Ummm.. Cool hills, nice ambience, a proven tourist spot.. But the world goes over there does it not ?
The problem with reading a lot of Lonely Planets, National Geographics e.t.c. is that you get too many ideas and it gets really difficult to get them organised. Trust me, I have faced it.. and I literally got swept away in that wave(of ideas).
The vacation had to have a balance of warm and cold, some place where i had never been to(but then i have hardly been anywhere to be frank.. just the Terai himalayas, the Thar desert and Gangetic West Bengal.. thats it), some place which would not be crowded, some place where not everyone can go to..
It is then that Ms. Bonnie uttered a word and i clamped down all my thoughts and said to myself this was the place i would head to,  and it suited almost all my conditions.. It is not frequented by many a travellers, its cool, it could be made adventurous and it can be economical. Ahh.. thats what the doctor ordered i remarked.. 
The Place ?
Wait for my next blog :-)