Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Glimpses of International Trade Fair 2011

The annual India International Trade Fair 2011 held in New Delhi was a great event to visit in the month of November. Many countries, all of the 28 Indian states (provinces) and hundreds of government and private organisations participated in it, making it a gala event. Millions of people thronged to it and the fair was so large that given the large crowds it would have taken atleast 2-3 days to cover it entirely.

Amongst the many pavilions depicted the life and culture of the various states of India it was the pavilions of Kerala State and Odisha State which were one of the best. Amongst the international participants it was the pavilion of Thailand which was offering the best deals and it was the pavilion of Pakistan which won most of the hearts. Here are the glimpses of the fair -

Terracotta figurine of Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Wisdom) displayed at the pavilion of India's Bihar Province

A giant painting depicting tribal art adorned the hall hosting international pavilions

Afghanistan Pavilion. Trade fair attracts participation from various countries. Trade Fair 2011 saw participation of countries like Canada, China, Pakistan e.t.c.

Pavilions of Turkey, China and Hong Kong

At the far end of the hall is the Thai pavilion. Visitors thronged to the Thai pavilion as they had some great stuff to sell at competitive prices.

Wooden figure of Lord Krishna drawing Arjuna's chariot in the epic battle of Mahabharata

Figure of Gautama Buddha in front of Bihar Province's(State) pavilion. The Mahabodhi Tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment is located in Bihar Province(State)

Pavilion of Bihar Province(State)

Traditional musicians playing enchanting music through their Bamboo made musical instruments

Observe the crown of the instrument which has a plume of peacock feathers

Wooden figurines displaying various dance forms

Wooden statue of a mother stork over it's nest

Wooden Handicraft with the head of a female

Ceramic Potteries - Urns and a Vase

Lord Balaji of Tirupati in Andhra Province(State) (Andhra Pradesh Pavilion)

A craftsman giving finishing touches to the statue of Lord Ganesha

A tribal figurehead made completely with bamboo adorned the entrance of Assam Province pavilion

A statue of a tribal musician made with bamboo sticks

The next three pictures below are of the statues of religious deities whose temples are found in Odisha Province. These deities were depicted in the Odisha Pavilion -

Lord Jagannath. The annual Ratha (Chariot) Yatra in honor of Lord Jagannath at his temple in Puri attracts millions of pilgrims every year 

Goddess Subhadra (Sister of Lord Jagannath)

Lord Balabhadra (Brother of Lord Jagannath)

View of the Pakistan pavilion
Despite the projected bitterness between the political and army class of both countries, the people of both nations are keen for peace to prevail. The willingness for friendship was indicated by people thronging in great numbers to the Pakistani pavilion giving the traders good business.

The following pictures are of the Pavilion of Kerala Province which consistently wins the award of best decorated pavilion in the Trade Fair-

Pavilion of Kerala Province

The statue depicts a Kathakali dancer. Kathakali is the traditional dance style originating in Kerala.

The idol of Lord Ayyappa atop an elephant

Elephants are an integral part of life in Kerala and so is sculpting


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Even though I'm not a Hindu, but I love Hindu statues. Very sacred !