Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Faith in India - Black and White Thursdays

Beginning from this week I will post on every Thursday photographs of immortal monuments, traditions or habits of people which would remain unchanged even in the next century and so on. I would name this weekly post as Black and White Thursdays.
This week I am posting photographs showing the Laxmi Narayan Temple (built in 1939) and pictures of rituals practiced in the Hindu Religion -

 Laxmi Narayan Temple (built 1939) is the temple built in honor of Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of Wealth) and her consort Lord Vishnu (The Preserver). There are side temples at this very complex which are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna and Lord Gautama Buddha.

In this picture we can see the puja (worship) in honor of Lord Ayyappa taking place. Lord Ayyappa is a religious deity popularly venerated in the southern Indian state of Kerala. This tradition of decorating the temple with diyas (lamps), rangolis (floral patterns) e.t.c. has been continuing since hundreds of years and will continue to be followed.

A pujari(priest) blessing a car for good luck. Faith in god for many people remains unmoved, and will remain unmoved.