Thursday, January 26, 2012

Memorial of the Immortal Soldier

Each year on January the 26th when India celebrates the Republic Day, the nation also comes together to honor the soldiers who fell defending the Union of India. In India Gate, apart from the names of the soldiers who fell while fighting for the British Crown, there are inscribed the names of the soldiers who fell while fighting the Kargil War(against Pakistan) of 1999.
This picture becomes immortal because the India will always remain indebted to the supreme sacrifice they made while defending the Union(of India) and will always come together to commemorate and celebrate them. We remember those Five hundred and twenty seven soldiers in this Republic Day edition of Black and White Thursdays.

The inscribed names of the Soldiers who fought defending the Union of India are depicted in this picture. The name of the regiment is given first and then the names of the soldiers are given in a vertical pattern.


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