Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Traveling with HP Connected Music

If some folks, in a sense of wonder or doubt, ask a traveler how is 'Traveling related to Music ?' he should not mind the smile which might come across the traveler's face. The reason behind the smile is that Music is a very important component of Travel. One only needs to ask a long distance traveler like me and he would tell you how long time in transit, can become if there is no music to accompany him on his journeys.

While listening to your favourite genre of music (my favourite genre is Ambient) can help you pass your time or help you unwind and get you in the mood for writing, listening to regional music can give you a sense of the country or place you are visiting.. For a traveler having access to an efficient music app, on his HP Notebook, in which he can stream the music of his/her choice, across the world, without any hitches is a must..

Pic Source - IndiBlogger

This is where HP Connected Music Service comes in.. HP in partnership with Universal Music and Hungama brings this wonderful application to HP's Windows 8 line-up.. On one touch HP Connected Music provides us free access  to exclusive content and access to over one million songs from more than 20,000 artists, from different genres across the board, which effectively makes it the largest online music catalogue in the world..

The ‘Money Can’t Buy Experiences’ offered by the HP Connected Music Service gives access to unique content such as previews, behind the scenes content, VIP events and many more exciting activities. So, it doesn't matter whether you are on the move, or not, you can always connect with their favorite artists.. For more informtion visit - HP Connected Music India

HP and IndiBlogger would be hosting a great blogger's meet on Saturday the 20th of April in New Delhi for an afternoon of music and fraternizing amongst bloggers.. So if you are a blogger and haven't signed up yet.. Well.. you are really missing something..



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