Friday, May 2, 2014

Save Our Tigers - Kids for Tigers Express Initiative

(This is the second article in my series on Save Our Tigers)

In my Previous Article I had mentioned the importance of spreading the message of wildlife (and tiger) conservation on the ground (especially amongst the people who live in the periphery of the National Parks). Aircel Save our Tigers Campaign and its partner Wildlife Conservation Trust have undertaken such an initiative called 'Kids for Tigers Express' where an effort is made to get in touch with the children living in the villages which are located right next to the Ranthambhore National Park.

Children participating in Kids for Tigers Express Educational Campaign

I had an oppurtunity to have a one-on-one chat with Mr Goverdhan who runs the Kids for Tigers Express program in the villages around Ranthambore.. He mentioned that over a period of time he has been able to educate and create a better understanding amongst the rural children's minds with respect to the importance of tigers in the ecosystem. 

Such efforts, said Mr Goverdhan, were bearing fruits as children would now call him up, the moment they spot a tiger which strayed out of the jungles instead of panicking. Goverdhan, in turn, rings up the forest department officials (who also know him very well, by now) and alerts them about the situation and thus prompt action is taken.

The Kids for Tigers Express

The Kids for Tigers Express bus has all the equipment necessary to educate the children about wildlife conservations and tigers (in particular) like a mobile library, projector for showing documentaries over tigers e.t.c. 

Equipments inside a Kids for Tigers Express

The benefit of running the Kids for Tigers Express bus has been that children have now, started to understand the reasons as to why the tiger are needed in the ecosystem, the position of tiger in the food chain, why do tigers come out into the cultivated fields (loss of habitat), why do tigers attack humans e.t.c. Addressing such doubts in the minds of children has ensured that children understand the situation the tigers are in today and not believe in rumours and hearsay vis a vis the tigers..

(This article of Save our Tigers series is dedicated to the 'late' Macchli - The Tigress. She was the pride of Ranthambhore.)



I really appreciate your article that spreads consciousness among people regarding the extinction of tigers. There should be active participation of individuals to prevent poaching. Social media must be actively used the way you use this blog to spread this word.