Friday, December 26, 2014

Picture of the Week #115 - Baavan Deori, Kumbhalgarh (1464 AD)

Picture © Rohan A Singh

The year of 2014 has been a roller coaster ride for me, especially the days of July and August. From experiencing the high of visiting Thailand (my first foreign trip thanks to TAT) to being forced to deal with a severe emotional loss as a result of my beloved granny departing the physical realm for her final journey, within a fortnight of me returning. In a state of bereavement i had to lead a group of travelers (as a part of Roots Travel Group) to Kumbhalgarh, the fortress of Mewar rulers.

This particular picture is of Baavan Deori (Baavan means 52) a temple located at a distance from the main tourist sections of the expansive Kumbhalgarh and at a location where mobile signals aren't available. It had started to drizzle and we were contemplating whether to head back when we saw the shikhars of this temple (at a distance) and we decided to dash through the rain and checkout this isolated temple which had a charm of its own.

Travel helped me, in a way, to come to terms with my loss and my visit to Kumbhalgarh will always be special in my heart !



I have been to Rajasthan but never got a chance to check out this amazing temple. I love visiting UNESCO World Heritage Site and I would definitely visit this temple on my future Rajasthan trip. This post is very interesting.