Friday, May 8, 2015

Harshat Mata Temple Abhaneri (Const 8th-9th Cent CE) - Picture of the Week #134

Harshat Mata Temple Abhaneri was constructed in 8th-9th century C.E. It is dedicated to Harshat Mata (Goddess of Joy and Happiness). It is located in Abhaneri village in Rajasthan.

The Harshat Mata temple was constructed by King Chandra of Nikumbha Dynasty. It was constructed in Mahameru style of architecture. This temple was demolished in the 10th century CE. As per the temple keeper the King of Jaipur got the temple reconstructed in the 18th Cent CE.

The iconic Chand Baori step well is closely related to the temple. A devotee was supposed to perform ablutions at the Chand Baori before going to this temple.
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