Friday, May 22, 2015

Gaumukh Kund, Chittorgarh - Picture of the Week #136

The Gaumukh Kund of Chittorgarh (Kund means a Reservoir) is a pool of water whose source is a natural spring. This reservoir is revered by Hindus. The Gaumukh Kund had been the source of water for the citizens of Chittorgarh during the numerous seiges it faced. Devotees are permitted to feed the fishes in the water here.

Some of the most famous sieges faced by Chittorgarh included -
1. The Siege of 1303 (where Mewar was pitted against Sultan Alauddin Khalji)
2. The Siege of 1535 (where Mewar was pitted against Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat)
2. The Siege of 1567 (where Mewar was pitted against Mughal Emperor Akbar)