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Top Ten places to visit in the world with your soulmate:-

4. Cyprus

The world famous 'Rock of Aphrodite', the Greek goddess of love, beauty and pleasure
(Picture sourced from Wikipedia. Author - Nino Verde)

Remains of the Temple of Apollo, the Greek god of light and the sun, truth and prophecy, medicine, healing, plague, music, poetry, arts, archery, and much more
(Picture sourced from Wikipedia. Author -  Marcobadotti2)

Cyprus, situated in the eastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea is an island republic of spectacular beauty. It is a historic island, the third largest in the Mediterranean and a living mosaic of cultures. It is an island with a history of romance and was once Anthony’s gift to Cleopatra.  According to the Greek mythology, Aphrodite - the goddess of beauty and love - first emerged from the sea out of a sea shell. Maybe that is why you feel always a little bit eroticized once you set your feet on this island.

The city of Limassol is a major hub of tourists
(Picture sourced from Wikipedia. Author - Marcobadotti)

While there places to visit would be the Rock of Aphrodite, the  Bath of Aphrodite and the Fountain of Love, Kato Pafos, Pafos Castle, Tombs of the kings, the Archaeological and Byzantine Museums, the Troddos mountains and the Agia Napa beaches, where you can find  white beaches and most famous nightlife with the world's best DJs.

Traditional houses of upper class folks in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus.
(Picture sourced from Wikipedia. Author - AncientNicosia)

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