Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sikkim Sojourn Part 2 - My Rendevous with the Ganges

My trip to Sikkim started at Anand Vihar Rly. Stn. From where we had to board the North East Express. Apparently that was the only train suitable to our time preferences and was proving to be economical as well. But the very first lesson of this trip was taught to me by this very train.. and that was never compromise over quality as it might cost you big ! The best trains which can help you reach there(New Jalpaiguri) on time(as we realized later) are Rajdhani Express and Purvottur Sampark Kranti.

Well the train(North East Express).. Believe it or not.. was 17 hours late ! It completed the trip of 25 hrs in a total time of 42 hours. Moral of the story ? Never book a train without researching over the internet if it is running as per schedule or not.
But that said, I came across really interesting and striking sights on my way to New Jalpaiguri(the transit town for Darjeeling, Gangtok e.t.c.). But the highlight was crossing the River Ganges at Bihar. Let me explain them with pictures :-

The huge and mighty River Ganges in Bihar - 1

Notice the row of boats at the bank of the River

The huge and mighty River Ganges in Bihar – 2

The huge and mighty River Ganges in Bihar – 3

Notice the Riverine Island. The River has numerous such islands in its entire course.

Water.. Water.. Water..

Fishermen returning with their haul

Flood Plains of the Ganges

(to be continued..)



Wow!The river looks so magnificent,and the pictures are lovely..Particularly loved the one with the fishermen..
P.S. Thank you for sharing!:-)